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Chris is a sports journalist and columnist for The Platte County Landmark. Chris has also been a baseball umpire for the past 25 years. He is a veteran of the Jim Evans Umpiring School and was a candidate in professional baseball.  He has won Umpire of the Year awards in several different leagues and has served as a scheduler and Umpire-In-Chief for 15 years.  Following a career-ending spinal injury, Chris’s focus now is on giving back to the umpires that trained him by passing along his experiences.  As the producer of several other podcasts and websites in Kansas City, Chris has experience in telling stories in an irreverent way.

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UmpTalk is a podcast and website aimed at supporting amateur, collegiate and professional umpires by providing advice from their peers.  The site provides training and commentary on baseball umpiring by those who know it best and a weekly podcast featuring the best umpires in the game of Baseball from the Major Leagues, NCAA and all levels of amateur baseball.

The game of baseball is dependent on quality umpires and those umpires rely in inconsistent training, word of mouth interpretations of rules and less than standard mechanics.  UmpTalk is designed to change that by capturing tips, tricks and standardized messages to umpires who will listen on their way to games, on road trips and while studying in the off season.  UmpTalk will focus on putting out a consistent message by the best in the game – umpires at the top of their craft from amateur baseball, through high school, college and the Pros.

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  1. Your article in Referee Mag. “An indicator of Respect” brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

    God Bless

    Patrick Elias

  2. Norm, I still have a certain video of you making the instructors at Jim Evans do Concentration Drill! I think it would give several people here a good laugh

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