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UmpTalk #22: Umpiring and European Baseball

As the world becomes smaller and the game of baseball grows in popularity, it’s not surprising that umpiring would get more organized and professional. European Baseball is one of those areas that is exhibiting tremendous growth in recent years. Through programs like the Jim Evans European Classic, efforts are being made to standardize and educate umpires who may not have grown up on the game like those of us in America have.

Thanks again to Thomas Heywood for providing three outstanding interviews with six great European umpires as he attended the Classic in April.


We speak with:

  • Eddie Fannon and Gabor Erdos about baseball and umpiring in England.
  • Urs Koestinger and Michael Renggli from Switzerland about adjusting the game of baseball for that country.
  • Mike Michalk and Germo Wittkopf speak about umpiring and baseball in Germany.

More of Thomas’s outstanding photographs can be found here and more of Thomas’s contributions to UmpTalk will be coming soon in a later episode.

Photos courtesy of Thomas Heywood: