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UmpTalk #10: Eight Ways To Speed Up Your Games

2013-06-09 18.03.08

Today’s episode is aimed at those umpires whose games seem to stretch on forever. Are your time limited games only getting to the fourth inning? Are your un-time limited games going past the two hour mark regularly? Are you getting off the field after 11 at night continually?  Well, this might be the show for you.

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UmpTalk #6: Clifton Glidewell, JuCo, Former Minor League Pitcher

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GlidewellContinuing our interview series with a man who has had a very full baseball career and still growing by beginning a relatively new one in the Umpiring ranks.

Clifton Glidewell is a Junior College umpire in the Kansas City area, but also was a standout pitcher during a D-I career and a time in the Dodgers organization.  He has also served as pitching coach at the High School and Junior College level.

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Music used with permission – Matt Wessel “You’re Out! (Ode to the Umpire)