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Umptalk #15: Billy Haze, D-I NCAA Umpire and Operator, Black & Blue Umpire Camps

Billy Haze, D-I UmpireBilly Haze was inches away from a dream and then walked away. Only to have the pull of baseball bring him back into the game.  Billy was an aspiring AAA Minor League Umpire, but didn’t get the MLB call up.  After some time off, he returned to the game and is now at the top of the D-I NCAA baseball umpires profession as well as helping others take their first steps in umpiring with the Black and Blue Umpire Academy.

BBUCBilly Haze and Michael Bilinci join us from the Black and Blue Umpire Camp to talk on Episode 15 about daily life as an NCAA umpire, who should attend the BBUC camps and the intangibles assigners look for when trying to find folks for the next level.

The Black & Blue Umpire Camps can be found on YouTube, Facebook as well as their website.

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Show Notes:

BBUC Umpire Camp – Main Website

BBUC YouTube Channel

BBUC Facebook Page

A cool video they show at the start of camp

Umptalk #4: Greg Harmon–NCAA D-I Umpire, Topeka, KS Area

Greg Harmon is a D-I official for NCAA’s Big 12 and Big 10 Conferences.  He is based in the Topeka area and last year worked the NCAA Sectionals an important step to the College World Series. Greg has also worked the NCAA D-II World Series and umpires in the Missouri Valley, Summit Conference and MIAA.

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Greg talks about the importance of professionalism, handling situations and dealing with working multiple leagues. Continue reading Umptalk #4: Greg Harmon–NCAA D-I Umpire, Topeka, KS Area

Umptalk #2: Jon Browar – MIAA Umpire Supervisor

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Jon Browar Supervisor of Umpires for MIAANew to umpiring? Veteran? Looking to break into college ball? Looking to advance to the highest levels of college ball? You’ll get no greater expert at all of these than the Supervisor of Umpires for the MIAA Conference (NCAA D-II) and also the Umpire Supervisor for the Jayhawk Junior College Conference, Jon Browar.  Continue reading Umptalk #2: Jon Browar – MIAA Umpire Supervisor