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Umpires not only need equipment, but we also have a ton of other stuff that goes with it. Why do we need a jar of mud? Because we’re umpires. That’s why.


Diamond Deluxe Pro Umpire Gear Bag
 – Solid bag with wheels and a handle. Perfect for hauling your gear from the car to the locker room.

Wilson Umpire Bag on Wheels
 – Really nifty bag and it’s got an MLB logo on it. Great home for your gear.

Indicator (Don’t call it a clicker!)

Diamond UMP-SI3 Strike Umpires Count – $6.99

Diamond UMP-SI3 Strike Umpires Count. Diamond’s UMP-SI3 Strike Umpires Count is an essential tool for all umpires. Keep track of strikes, balls, and outs with this tool and worry only about making the right calls.

One thought on “Ump Stuff”

  1. “Musts” for your on field umpire bag…?
    Wooden popsicle sticks or tongue depressors–for cleaning muddy cleats
    Plastic zip ties–for reattaching dangling throat protectors
    And I always keep an extra dangler
    Yes–I umpire LL

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