UmpTalk #1: Eight Tips for new umpires

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Welcome to the field of umpiring. New UmpiresSo, you’ve been drafted out of the stands to be an umpire, or you are looking to step on the field for the first time as a part-time gig.  Welcome to Umpiring!!

We’re going to have lots of advice for you on this website, but first, we need to ease you in slowly.  Here are 8 tips that all new umpires must know.

Podcast 1 Show Notes

  1. Don’t skimp on equipment
    • Equipment is your best friend in umpiring. After you have a game check in your pocket go out and get a great starter kit of gear.
    • We recommend this one from Baseball Express.
    • We will be putting out an equipment guide soon!
  2. Don’t underestimate situations – Be ready for them
    • Ask your peers about situations that come up and heed their advice
  3. Be on time
    • The quickest way to a doghouse is to show up late – and know what “on time” means for your particular association
    • Most of the time, that means at LEAST 30 minutes prior to game time
    • And means 15 minutes on the field for pregame
  4. Don’t leave your assigner hanging
    • The second quickest way to a doghouse is to give back games to your assigner – especially inside of 24 hours
  5. Don’t work multiple leagues starting out
    • Work in one league, completely understand their rules and environment
    • Working multiple leagues can lead to conflicts which lead to giving back games which leads to trouble
  6. Don’t work over your level
    • Know your lane when you’re starting out
    • Don’t try and jump up too high for fear of the dreaded “umpire landmine” that you don’t recover from
  7. Ask questions – Expect honest feedback
    • Umpires are your best evaluators – but also be ready for honest feedback and critiques
  8. Read the rulebook

Do you have more tips for new umpires? Sound off in the comments below! Or check in on our facebook page and let us know about it!

3 thoughts on “UmpTalk #1: Eight Tips for new umpires”

  1. Just a little «Hi» from Norway (Not that place in Idaho, but the Kingdom of ..).Started listing to your podcast while commuting to work and dreaming about baseball again (1 meter of snow outside and opening day is 3rd of May). Keep up the good work !

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