UmpTalk #10: Eight Ways To Speed Up Your Games

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Today’s episode is aimed at those umpires whose games seem to stretch on forever. Are your time limited games only getting to the fourth inning? Are your un-time limited games going past the two hour mark regularly? Are you getting off the field after 11 at night continually?  Well, this might be the show for you.

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Mostly aimed at youth-leagues and lower high school and college, this week’s episode is aimed at bringing you a few tips to shave seconds and minutes off of your games – and they are completely managed by the umpire.

We talk about the following tips:

  1. Show up on time. Show up early. Start game on time.
  2. After a passed ball, throw the ball back to the pitcher while catcher retrieves the baseball
  3. Don’t dawdle between innings.
  4. Between games, change quickly, don’t chitter chatter
  5. Hustle into place. Hustle back to position.
  6. Encourage hustle – but you have to walk the walk first.
  7. Keep them in the batter’s box
  8. Call strikes.

Do you have more tips? What do your games average for time? What’s the longest game you ever worked? The shortest?  Sound off in the comments below.

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One thought on “UmpTalk #10: Eight Ways To Speed Up Your Games”

  1. Great list Chris.

    Here are some other things I’d add which apply to all levels.

    * After a dead ball, get the ball back in play as soon as possible
    * Never run out of baseballs- The game should never wait on baseballs, ask for more well before you run out.
    * Don’t call time unnecessarily. Remember players request time, we don’t always have to grant it. Use your judgement as when to deny a request.

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