UmpTalk #8: Interview With Jerry Theilen and Rulebook Training

UTesterEpisode 8 features a unique way to learn the rulebook by a unique leader of a revolutionary league. We umpire Jerry Theilen of the Hernando Sumter Umpires Association.

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Show Notes:

Jerry is the Chief of the Hernando Sumter Umpires Association, but also helps run

Hernando Sumter Umpires Association

Umpire Tester

40 Umpiring Myths

Hernando Sumter Umpires Association

4 thoughts on “UmpTalk #8: Interview With Jerry Theilen and Rulebook Training”

  1. Organizations like HSUA are really the back bone of producing good young new umpires by working them up through the ranks an different age groups,giving them the needed working situations that make all umpires better at their craft. It all looks easy,till you get out there an do it.

  2. I have worked with Ed Montoya an American League umipire. I now work for the HSUA organization, the testing and training is top notch. All organizations should follow our lead about training and testing. If they do they will have better umpires.

  3. I moved here from Ct. and was looking for an umpiring board to
    join, HSUA was the first one I came across, and as it turns out , one of the best boards I’ve been on, in my 20+ years of umpiring, because of the training provide, on a regular basis.

  4. I heard the entire podcast and am happy to be associated with this organization as an umpire. Granted, I work full time driving the big rigs locally, and I still get a game or two just about every week. Keep up the good work .

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